Product Hunt users rate LuggageHero NO #1 in Luggage Storage

Luggage storage rated no 1

We are very grateful and happy for the support! Our tireless work efforts seem to be reflected in the many positive comments and feedback we have received from the community. We could not be more proud.

Product Hunt is a website whose IT enthusiast users can rate or recommend new and upcoming products and services according to how promising they find them. The website slogan is forged from the best new products, every day. That’s why we are thrilled to discover that the community of Product Hunt has ranked us NO #1 best new product. This means that more than 600 visitors would recommend LuggageHero to their friends!

Below are some of the comments we received from the Product Hunt followers.

Ratings of LuggageHero

This feedback, which includes everything from happy exclamations about our service to suggestions for new cities to expand our service to, is highly valuable to us. With your feedback we strive to improve our service every day, providing luggage storage to even more travelers with LuggageHero.

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July 14, 2017