How to Make Time Pass Quicker at an Airport

If you read the recent post on how to save a lot of money on flights in Europe, then you probably know that indirect flights are the key to doing so. The problem with indirect flights starts appearing when you have to wait too long for your flight.


Do you want to make time pass quicker at the airport? Implement what’s about to be mentioned.

Bring a Blanket

“A blanket? What? Are you insane? It’s still Summer.”

Ladies and gents, visit the airport in Hamburg. It’s fancy. It’s also cold. Colder than Ireland during Summer. And that is the case at most airports.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you should bring jackets for Winter with you, it simply means that having a simple t-shirt on your body will not be sufficient enough. You will feel it.

Talk to People

You can’t always go to sleep. You might not want to miss your flight. But it’s hard not to fall asleep when you have nothing to do.  Phones help, but you can still get bored if you are at an airport for 8 hours.

If you are looking for ways to make time pass quicker at an airport, this is the best way to do it. Time passes so much quicker when you talk to people. 

There are two things that can happen. You have a great time, or you never see that person again. And yes, these people are strangers. They also have experiences that are probably worth listening to.

Have a Portable Charger

When was the last time that you didn’t use your phone at an airport? 32% of passengers are already using their mobile devices as boarding passes. Budget airlines often charge customers for re-printing of a boarding pass. In fact, 2 in 5 people had had a problem with a paper boarding pass before and were charged extra for it.

Having your boarding pass on your phone is great but what if your phone runs out of battery because you were using it for several hours, whether for streaming music or playing a game? This can especially be a case if you are using 4G at an airport due to poor Wi-Fi.

Bring Earphones

Time always passes quicker with good music or podcasts. Listening to music or podcasts on earphones is also a great way to relax prior to your flight.

Speaking of podcasts, one that is certainly worth listening to is called Up and VanishedIt’s about Tara Grinstead, a high school teacher who went missing in 2005. It will make your time pass quickly. You might even find yourself wanting to spend more time at the airport just so that you can finish listening to it.

Leave the Airport and Explore

A Slightly contradicting statement considering the title of this post aims to help you make time pass at the airport. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to leave in order for time to pass quicker.

The problem with leaving is that in many cases, your luggage is the problem. You can’t check-in your carry-on luggage. That means that you need to carry it.

Or you could store it in a luggage-storage facility. For instance? At a train station. The less popular an area is the bigger chances of space for your luggage. If you go to one of the places that were mentioned in the last post about Four Europen cities worth visiting on a weekend break, then you might find yourself struggling to find space for your luggage.

Luckily, when it comes to the London and Copenhagen area, LuggageHero will store your luggage for just €1 per hour with free insurance of up to €670 per luggage. And unlike going to a train station, with LuggageHero, you are certain that there will be space for your luggage once you book through the LuggageHero app. This service isn’t based in just one area. It’s based in many shops. London supports over 160 locations for instance.


Now you know how to make time pass quicker at an airport. Sometimes it might end up being fun. Especially when you end up talking to great people.

And if you are saving a lot of money on it due to indirect flights, then that is even better. is always a great site to check when it comes to finding things to do. Give it a shot.












September 12, 2017