LuggageHero reveals new collaboration: Copenhagen Cruise Card

What is Copenhagen Cruise Card?

The Copenhagen Cruise Card is a service we provide to our customers as a result of our collaboration with Wonderful Copenhagen. We have established this collaboration as we discovered that approximately 50% of the cruise ship guests find themselves stranded in Copenhagen with their luggage, upon returning from a cruise. The problem arises as the cruise guests often arrive in Copenhagen early in the morning but have to wait several hours until they can catch their plane home in the evening.

We sought to ease this problem by offering you Copenhagen Cruise Card, which provides 12-hours worth of fun and interesting events for you to enjoy while you wait to go home. And the best part is that you can do this without your luggage, as free luggage storage at LuggageHero is included in the service.

Simply type in the 12-digit code from the front side of the Copenhagen Cruise Card to receive your free luggage storage.

Free luggage storage with Copenhagen Cruise Card

What do I get with Copenhagen Cruise Card?

With the Copenhagen Cruise Card you get four major benefits. The first is free luggage storage by LuggageHero. Then you get free public transportation by bus, harbour buss, train and Metro in the entire Copenhagen Region (zone 1-99). Thirdly, you get up to 3 visits to interesting museums and attractions in Copenhagen, including the Tivoli Gardens, Design Museum Denmark and many more – you can choose between 79 places in total. Lastly, you get discounts on several restaurants, attractions and entertainment events.

What is the price and how much do I save?

These 12-hours of leisure time with Copenhagen Cruise Card cost 40€ and you can bring along two children (0-9 years of age) for free. How much you save with the Copenhagen Cruise Card compared to normal prices depends on which places you want to visit. If you would like to get an idea of how much you can save, Wonderful Copenhagen has calculated three examples on their website.

Can anybody recommend it?

Based on 2,702 reviews on Trustpilot and an average 5-star score of the Copenhagen Cruise Card, we are proud so say that you do not have to take our word for it. So many of our customers agree that our service is a great way of saving money while enjoying the city of Copenhagen – free from heavy luggage.

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June 29, 2017