How to Get the Most out of Your Weekend Break

In 2015, 58.2% of tourism trips within the EU were short trips that lasted up to 3 days. Not everyone can afford a long holiday. Not everyone can take several days off work. And that’s why weekend breaks are so much more common.

Weekend Break

But just because your trip is 3 days long does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. You can enjoy yourself more in 3 days than in a week if you are smart about your trip.

Know Your Transport

The key is not to plan everything to the last detail but to have basic knowledge of what you are doing at a particular time so that you can get around places as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be in a situation in which you are waiting one hour for a bus if you are only visiting on a weekend break

When you travel, plans can often change.  But wherever you go, transport will always play a big part. That’s why it’s good to research transport in the places you are planning to visit. So you know how long you have to wait.

Why should you leave that place that you are visiting right now if your bus to the airport isn’t departing for another hour?

Research beforehand.

Store Your Luggage Somewhere

If you are coming on a Friday and leaving on a Sunday, you will more than likely have to check out early that Sunday. And that means you will have to carry your luggage with you.

And carrying your luggage is never great. It’s noisy. It takes one of your hands. It eliminates comfort. If you want to go to the bathroom, in 2017, leaving your luggage alone can be suspicious and can get you in trouble.

Big cities do have more storage facilities at train stations, but they also have more people at these train stations, and that can be quite risky as you never know if there’s space for your luggage.

But if the nearest train station is far away from you and you are in Copenhagen or London then consider storing your luggage in a local shop using LuggageHero for just 1 per hour.  There’s more LuggageHero supporting shops than train stations in London. Therefore LuggageHero might simply be more convenient for you, and safer with free insurance up to €670 per luggage.

And since it’s done through an app, you are certain of that there will be space for your luggage if you book beforehand.

Bring a Mix of Clothes

You go to a warm sunny country. It rains for your entire stay. You end up doing nothing because you only brought t-shirts with you. Now what?

Regardless of the weather forecasts, the weather tends to change a lot. Bringing a set of clothes that match just one type of weather is a big mistake.

If you are going to a rainy country such as Ireland and bring only a warm coat and trousers, then you might be in trouble if it happens to be sunny.

By bringing clothes for the bad and good weather, you will be able to make the most out of your weekend break as you will not have to depend on the weather. You will be able to do anything you want.

Stop Using Your Phone When You Don’t Need It

Yes. You might need to check-in with LuggageHero. You also do need to know how to get to some locations. But research these places. Then take a screenshot. Lastly, turn off your internet.

If you want to make the most out of your trip, you need to talk, and not talk on the internet or through apps like Tinder. Go up to a stranger and start talking. Doing that stuff is what makes trips great. You can talk to people on the internet at home. 

You will probably never see that person again if anything goes wrong. But for all you know, you could meet someone that will change your life. Talking to people that went through different experiences and that are from different areas can really change your perspective.

At the end of the day, it’s not the places that you visit that make an awesome trip, but it’s the people that you meet in these places. Networking is the key to a great trip.

Conclusion – Get the Most out of Your Weekend Break

If you are looking to get the most out of your weekend break, that’s how you do it.

And if you are planning to visit London in August and looking for some things to do, there’s a post about that too.

But if you already went to London or want to go somewhere else, visit to find some inspiration and perhaps your next travel destination.  And if you want to look through Instagram instead, search for #travelinspiration

So what are you waiting for? Go on a weekend break!







August 23, 2017